1. 24/7 emergency property management service.
  2. Qualified, reasonably priced vendors who get the job done right are recommended as a part of our service.
  3. All vendors are licensed, insured and the overseeing of service contracts such as home warranty, pool, lawn and pest control companies is also included.
  4. Be assured if the repair is over $500, you are contacted for authorization.
  5. If you provide the tenant with a service such as pool or lawn care, we can pay them for you on a regular basis.
  6. This would be reflected on your owners’ statement along with a copy of the paid invoices.
  7. At the end of the year, we provide you with a 1099 and a profit and loss statement showing income and expenses for the year.

Communication is a top priority at our firm, and we are constantly in touch with our property owners.